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Books credit Kirsten Akens February 2017

I’ve not done a ton of book coverage on this here blog, but I don’t really know why (I think about it often).

Reading is the most pleasurable and time-consuming hobby I have and, unless I’m talking about my pups, you’re most likely to find me discussing books with friends and acquaintances (and even strangers!), and recommending titles.

I believe that the act of reading can deeply impact us. Whether reading for entertainment, escape, or education, it opens us to new worlds, and to perspectives different from our own.

It allows us as readers to challenge our biases and foster empathy — even when we’re not expecting it.

I just finished audio-reading JoJo Moyes’ Me Before You, and I will tell you — without any details so I don’t spoil it — I had expected an escapist novel. It was so much more. (A really beautiful book, by the way. I highly recommend it.)

All this to say, I’m going to change the lack of books here. I want to share more of my reading world. Watch for more regular posts on recent reads, oldies but goodies, awesome audios, library love, and book news — I might even toss in an author interview every now and again.

Join me? (And let me know what you’re reading down below in the comments!)

  • Ann
    February 18, 2017

    I’m excited to hear more about what you’re reading! I was just standing in front of my overfull shelves last night, thinking, “All these books and I have nothing to read.” They became chaotic while I was in grad school, and I haven’t de-chaosed them yet, often as I think about it. One day soon…

    • kirsten
      February 19, 2017

      Sounds like a good time for a visit to the library. And just pick out one book that’s exactly what you’re craving right now. 🙂

  • Jan
    February 17, 2017

    I love to read too Kristen. I am enjoying ‘The Invention of Nature’ by Andrea Wulf which is full of natural science history and insight on the personality of Alexander Humbodt.

    • kirsten
      February 17, 2017

      Jan, Oooooo! I’ve heard of that book but haven’t read it. I’ll have to stick it on my To-Read list. Thanks! -Kirsten

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