he short version about me is this:

Writer. Editor. Photographer. Traveler. Yogi. Lover of books, (cowboy) boots, Boston terriers, balasana, blogging and baked goods. Also alliteration.

If that’s enticing enough, I invite you to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. These are the four primary places (aside from here on my blog) you’ll find me on the interwebs.
And if you’re really more curious about who I am, here’s the extended version…

Originally from the Chicago area, I moved to Colorado Springs to attend Colorado College, and never left.

After 10 years working in the nonprofit sector — primarily in fundraising, marketing and communications — I made a career change and landed at the Colorado Springs Independent in 2006. As a copy editor, then associate editor (until I left the paper in the fall of 2013), I read every bit of editorial text — often two or three times — before it reached the readers each week; wrote stories, dabbling primarily in arts and entertainment topics, and pumping out a cover story a few times a year; and managed the paper’s internship program, nurturing along college students as they learned the ropes of the business.

During the 2012-13 winter season, I participated in, and graduated from, the RootEd Yoga Teacher Training and Apprenticeship program, which was the beginning of my journey to explore new adventures.

Currently, I:

I also:

  • bake to make my house smell good and my belly (and the bellies of the people in my life) happy;
  • read to expand my mind;
  • and spend lots of quality time with my husband and Boston terrier Lucy.

All photos on this site were taken by me, except for the shots of me, which were done by the brilliant Rebecca Tillett.